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 Project "Me&You"

Women's and men's mutual relations, gender roles and stereotypes based on them are relevant and much debated topic for centuries.


We believe we all are responsible for values to give the next generations. It means to reflect on our own value and believe systems and critically analyze what we want to invest in future generations.


Idea of this project is based on  “Girl and boy group method” used in non-formal education.








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Project is supported by Erasmus+ a new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for 2014-2020, starting in January 2014. Get know about the programme and create your own project! More info, look here!

Project "Me&You" creates transnational partnership among Latvia, Hungary, Georgia, Aland Islands, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan

"Me&You" is born thanks to people who are change makers, believe in themselves and have a vision for positive global future

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